Information about our company Grynbowls

Bowls for the hookah, Handmade

   For centuries, people have used pottery in everyday life. First, like the dishes, then as decorative elements, and today porcelain - the most common material in the manufacture of hookah cups.

   On the basis of Gorodnitski Porcelain Factory has recently produced a cup Grynbowls. According to the manufacturers themselves, using only environmentally friendly raw materials, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. Paint and glaze of Czech origin, used in the food industry, heating does not emit harmful substances.

The technological process of manufacturing:

  • Production of ceramic paste (slurry);
  • Pouring the slip into the mold;
  • Rinsing withdrawn from the workpiece shape;
  • Bisque firing at 800о C in the electric furnace;
  • Glaze products;
  • Polito fired at 1330о C in a gas furnace;
  • Paint products overglaze paints;
  • Calcination at 800о C in an electrical furnace.

The manufacturer has made optimum thickness of the article, sealing the bowl

   Still, it should bear in mind that the thin-walled pottery material. it's not good to smoke. Use of coal with high heat dissipation is guaranteed to burn the tobacco and spoil the impression. And if you choose a medium-intensity charcoal, get the best results.

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